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"... Meredith d'Ambrosio sings like a flock of angels... She is the most sophisticated singer I have heard on record since Irene Kral. Sensitive, delicate, melodic, illuminating, her voice has haunted my heart..."
Rex Reed
Daily News

"... Ornithologically speaking, Meredith d'Ambrosio is a little jazz bird that every 'jazz birder' will want to include as a rare species - and a must on his/her life list."
Herb Wong

"This gentle, warm, low-key singer is a sort of contralto Blossom Dearie or a latter day Jeri Southern. Like Dearie, she seeks out recherche songs with strong lyrics."
Leonard Feather
L.A. Times

Meredith in 1984
photo by Homer Clark
Portland, Oregon

"... Meredith d'Ambrosio's warm, throaty and subtle phrasing has made her a favorite among musicians..."
John S. Wilson
N.Y. Times

"...Meredith has gone beyond singing variations on melodies, doing something totally different than anyone else in jazz, as far as I know, ever did before. Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie and others wrote new melodies on the chord changes of existing songs. Meredith is doing that, writing fluent and often ingenious variations on known tunes, but doing something else besides: writing variation on the lyrics as well, new words suggested by the old. She calls her inventions 'paraphrase songs' ..."
Gene Lees

"... I simply can't say enough about Meredith. Here is a singer and musician who knows her own voice in a way that the best soloists in jazz know their instruments..."
Nels Nelson
Philadelphia Daily News

Meredith in 1964.

"... Meredith's voice is husky and sultry; there's an intimacy about it, as if she's whispering in your ear."
Lee Jeske
Down Beat

"... d'Ambrosio is a highly respected vocalist with several recordings to her credit, on some of which she is her own piano accompanist. She is a subtle, thoughtful interpreter, a creative lyricist and improviser and a well-rounded musician. She is one of those rare individuals who can make you focus totally on a song and perhaps change your way of listening."
Lois Moody
Ottawa Citizen

"Meredith d'Ambrosio is a highly accomplished singer... hers is a voice filled with sweetness and reflection and her toneand phrasing is without the slightest mark of innuendo..."
Christian Tarting
Impressions du Sud

Meredith in 1984
photo by Homer Clark
Portland, Oregon

"The voice of Meredith d'Ambrosio... is of unique personality and interpretation. A delicate and full contralto, dark and breathy, rich in shading, intimately warm, a melting elegant fragility, all combines for the moving experience in hearing her..."
Luciano Federighi
Musica Jazz

"The magic of Meredith d'Ambrosio's art is quite beyond definition and her style is difficult to put into words that even approximate the effects she achieves... her delivery is implicitly erotic."
W. Royal Stokes
Jazz Times

"... Meredith is an artist. Intelligence. Taste. Restraint. Sublety. Insinuation. Harmonic sensibility and voice production that seems effortless..."
Doug Ramsey
Jazz Times

Meredith in Florida 2000
Photo by
Jacci Williams

"Don't believe, dear friends, the propaganda by our fellow journalists. The most important jazz singer of today is Meredith d'Ambrosio..."
Bertrand Ravalad
So What

"Enveloping the listener with a warm shimmering glow, d'Ambrosio's voice is emotional without being contrived, professional without being too slick."

"Meredith d'Ambrosio is that rarity - a sincere and completely uncommercial singer. Not for Meredith any hack numbers, regardless of the fame of the composer. The songs by the well-known composers are not their most popular efforts, but their most musical!"
Jimmy Staples

Meredith in 2004
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